Have You Noticed How Quick It Is All Unraveling?

Since World War II the United States has been the “engine” of the world. It ruled in manufacturing. Ruled in Quality of Life. Ruled as the economic powerhouse. Almost every statistic put the United States either at the top or very near the top.

That started to change in the 1970’s as the US basically could not win its war in Vietnam and bargained its way out in 1975. The US was cowered into submission by the OPEC oil embargo that almost brought the economy to its knees. Manufacturing began to leave the US for cheaper labor in Mexico, China and the far east.

So here we are in the third decade since the millennium, and the US is weakened, sapped of its manufacturing base and floating in worthless money. Its national debt has grown to over $30 trillion. Its once proud people dumbed down and dependent on its national government for handouts and favors.

More recently, and continuing even as of this writing, the US dollar is losing its dominance in world trade. More and more nations once favorable to the United States are turning from the dollar to the yuan, China’s currency and leaving the dollar. This means that the US Treasury is having a very hard time funding its spending spree with debt. No one is buying our debt instruments except for the Federal Reserve (a group of private bankers and NOT part of the American government). Yet the US government continues to spend its way into oblivion. Remember, at the end of the day all of this is costing YOU – through increasing taxes, through increased prices at all levels, and through eroding of your freedoms.

Now the enemies and adversaries of the United States are preparing to knock the US off its pedestal and to assert their power. This is not the first time this has happened in history. Spain was knocked off by England. England was knocked off by the United States. Now China is preparing to knock the US off. And there is very little you and I can do about this, except to prepare for it.

And it will happen very quickly.

I could get into a litany of reasons, starting with the US falling out of God’s protection. But all this would do is alienate those of you who do not feel this way. So rather than doing that, I am asking for you to carefully examine the times we live in and understand what is going on around you. we need to be united on this and educated.

We live in a different world now. You need to prepare for it. It will be brutal.

Until next time…